What I Miss About New England

At this point in the semester, I have been away from home for about one month and not to be dramatic or anything, but New York seems like a completely different country compared to MA. 

Don’t get me wrong I love Pace, my friends, and the opportunity to live somewhere outside of New England, but I miss the culture associated with where I live and the basic “masshole” and Rhode Island things that many New Yorkers just…don’t get. 

FIRST OF ALL, this may just be a Westchester County thing, but I miss CHEAP Dunkin! At home, my medium iced caramel swirl just cream was a humble $2.75. A small price for a cup full of happiness. Here, it is $3.30, which in hindsight, isn’t a significant difference to the average human, but to a broke college student, it means the world. 

Another thing I miss is how close I was to the Rhode Island beaches. During the summer, I literally spent every chance I could get cruising past Narragansett Town Beach and sunbathing at East Matunuck State Beach. I’d set up my towel, turn up my Spotify and get a Dels lemonade, a Rhode Island summer staple.

Something else that I love about living in Massachusetts is definitely how centrally located I am. I live about a 10 minute drive from Providence and a 40-minute train ride away from Boston. It is always so much fun to drive around Brown University or stroll down Newbury Street with my friends after school or on the weekends. I have two amazing cities at my finger tips and its definitely a convenience that I miss so much. 

When you live in Massachusetts, the natural instinct one has is to….. root for the New England Patriots, the most epic and hated NFL team in the American Football League. In New York, you literally cannot breathe Patriot pride without being hazed by local Giants and Jets fans. I grew up in such a football home, so not being able to casually worship my loves, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, is a sad price to pay. 

Overall, I love Pace so much and I am 100% happy with my decision to come here. Missing home just strengthens my appreciation for where I live and it gives me something to look forward to as Thanksgiving break nears!