The Shape of Water: Guillermo del Toro Wins First Oscar!

As a film student, the Academy Awards is my Super Bowl. You root for your favorite nominee and hope with all your might that they win that golden Oscar. In my opinion, the Academy Awards is a four-hour ceremony that inspires misfits to work in motion picture business.

The misfit that won big last night was Guillermo del Toro for his movie The Shape of WaterThe Shape of Water is about a mute cleaning woman, named Elisa, who works at a high-security government lab in Baltimore 1962. Elisa life changes forever when she discovers a scaled marine creature in the living in a water tank. Elisa and the creature become unlikely friends and later even lovers.

The Shape of Water won best original score, best production design, best director, and even, best picture. For 25 years Guillermo del Toro has been directing films, and last night he won his first academy awards in four categories. Guillermo del Toro loves making movies about monsters and creatures of his imagination. Guillermo del Toro’s leaves a mark in Academy Award history. So thank you and congratulation Guillermo del Toro, the misfits are proud of you!