As a generation collectively, I think that we can all admit, even if we don’t want to, that we are a generation driven by the technology we use. The readily available iPhones, social media, etc. keep us all interconnected by cell signals, likes, and followers. It can create a feeling of immense power and satisfaction, but it can also be claustrophobic and sometimes…even self-destructive. 

I am what one would describe as a typical young adult whose eyes are often found glued to an illuminated screen, scrolling through feeds or snapping a pic for a streak. Recently, my phone has been acting glitchy and dying really easily which has stopped my usual phone use throughout the day. Through this aggravating period of time, I have been exposed to the oddly liberating feeling of the lack of connection between me and the online world.

Social media is often about the “best version” of oneself. It’s a platform where people can show off the places they travel to, good times with friends, fire selfies, or witty thoughts. I personally enjoy getting snapchats from the guys I like or getting a lot of likes on Instagram. It’s kinda dumb, but it’s just gratifying to know that ~someone~ cares. 

Along with the ego boosting aspects of social media comes the let downs and disappointments. Being left on read, seeing friends out somewhere without an invite, or finding our your ex has moved on is an often times soul-crushing realization. The online world keeps us so deeply entangled with other peoples’ lives that it can be anxiety inducing and destructive to our oh so fragile esteems. 

You can deny it all you want, but you KNOW it hurts like hell when you snoop out of boredom and end up getting hurt at what you find. Social media and technology gives us this power that sometimes can be… a little much.

I have definitely found myself getting hurt from the stupid read texts or opened snaps, but without a phone, I have found this new lack of worry. It really isn’t all about how someone responds to you online. Its freeing to know that life doesn’t just revolve around a screen and that my life has a purpose outside of the technological world. It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t have great friends, conversations, or know that I had a good life before I took a break from my phone, but it has just opened my eyes to what I already had. 

I know its sometimes hard to put down the phone.. but even for a few hours...  PUT DOWN THE PHONE. (you won't regret it!)