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I wanted to look my very best this spring break. I was going home to the Dominican Republic with a few of my sorority sisters, so I knew I would spend the week tanning. One of the things I wanted to do, was to be able to pull off the “all natural” look. When you are tanned and at the beach you shouldn’t expose your face to a lot of makeup. My solution for this trip was to get my eyebrows tinted and threaded. It was my first time doing such thing, but one of my sorority sisters had recently opened up a threading salon called Infinity Brow Studio. If I trusted anyone with my eyebrows it had to be her, right? 

I was a little nervous at first, I like my eyebrows as thick as possible, and I’ve heard people have had bad experiences in other places. I’ve also heard people say it was painful which made me even more nervous. And all of a sudden I found myself in the salon, sitting down getting my eyebrows threaded. I didn’t feel pain, it’s just that the eyelids are sensible and the sensation may cause your eyes to water. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I started getting waxed since I was eight and now I’m immune?

I look in a mirror and OMG they were perfect. I LOVED THEM. Never in my life had they looked so perfect. They still weren’t tinted and I was so excited to see the finished result. The tinting takes about 10 minutes to be applied and for your skin to absorb then lasts for about 15 days. 

After I got the tinting, I fell in love. I became obsessed with my eyebrows, something I never thought that could happen. I started posting them all over social media, sending pictures to my Mom and friends. But the craziest part was, EVERYONE would stop me and compliment my eyebrows. I had never been happier. I don’t really apply makeup on the daily basis, but having the brows tinted looked like my eyes were done 24/7. You wake up, look in the mirror and feel beautiful. It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but that is exactly how it feels.

Finally I put these brows to the test, and when I get to DR I start tanning 12 hours after I landed. My face was somewhat red, so when I had to go out with my friends I would only put on some mascara and lipstick. I looked great, but most importantly I felt great. I got the tinting one week before my trip, spent another week on the beach, came back two days ago, and my eyebrows still look amazing. If I am completely honest with you, I thought the tint would’ve been gone like 5 days ago. I swear I didn’t have that much faith that it would last so long, specially since I use lotion on my face everyday. 

But it did. That tint is still there now, maybe not as much, but I still don’t feel the need to fill them in. This is so convenient, because I have no clue on how I should fill my brows in, or what color looks more natural. So maybe at the end of the week I might go back and get them re-touched, because once you start getting those compliments, you never want them to end! 

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Isabella Sanchez

Pace Pleasantville

Isabella is a passionate and opinionated sophomore majoring in Applied Psych and minoring in Entrepreneurship. She is bilingual and drags her latin vibes everywhere she goes.