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Must See Crime Documentaries and Shows

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace Pleasantville chapter.

Recently, I have been on a big crime documentary and show binge – I have always been fascinated by a criminal’s mind as well as the events transpiring in an investigation as well as the court hearings following them. I have been SO into this and I just thought i’d share some of my faves for my people out there who need something new!

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a fictional tv show centered around FBI agents in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, a sector of the FBI that deals directly with profiling killers. I love this show because every episode focuses on a different crime and it is different every time. The cast of characters also remains the same for the most part, so you really grow attached and invested in their individual story lines. Criminal Minds has 15 seasons and 12 of them can be streamed on Netflix ! 

The Act

The Act is a chilling reenactment of the life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard who was victimized by her mother, a hypochondriac, who convinced her that she had multiple debilitating illnesses and allergies. The plot goes through Gypsy’s life leading up to the crimes that took place. It is super interesting because this abuse was happening for so long, yet no one caught on to it. This crime is also fairly recent, so it still has quite a bit public attention. You can stream The Act on Hulu ! 

Surviving R. Kelly

Surviving R. Kelly is a classic crime documentary that really blew my mind. Originally, the series premiered on Lifetime Network and then was put on Netflix. It shares victim and victim’s family stories about their experiences with the abusive R. Kelly, famous musical artist. It is really crazy because this man is basically running a manipulative sex cult in his mansions, but has not been convicted of ANY crime. It also blows my mind that this is STILL HAPPENING in 2020 and there is already a documentary out about it. Crazy. 

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

As many readers know, I am a diehard New Englander.. as well as a New England Patriots fan. I was so interested in watching this documentary on Aaron because it happened so close to my high school, so it was basically in my backyard. The documentary discusses the life and struggles of young, football star, Aaron Hernandez, as well as the crimes he committed while still in the NFL. It is very well done and it really gives us a glimpse into the struggle of being gay in the NFL. You can stream this on Netflix !

Leaving Neverland 

Leaving Neverland is a movie that was released last year. It is a documentary about the male, sexually-abused victims of Michael Jackson who were only about 7-10 years old when the events occurred. It is super haunting – we all have generally positive perceptions of legendary celebrities, like Michael, and this documentary really changes my view. I was so into this and I reccomend you see this! It is on HBO Go. 

American Crime Story

American Crime Story is a tv show, streamed on Netflix, that reenacts famous crimes that are known nationally by the American people. Each season is a different crime: Season 1 focuses on the Murder of Gianni Versace, who was shot by an insane, pathological liar on his front steps in Miami. Season 2 focuses on the trials of OJ Simpson, who was a famous football player at the time and who was found not guilty despite the piles of evidence against him. Many of the characters in the show are played by accredited actors such as John Travolta, Sarah Paulson, Darren Criss, and David Schwimmer. The 3rd season comes out Fall 2020 and it is going to be about the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal – I am so excited. 

These are just a few of my favorites at the moment. I hope that my crime lovers out there can find something that interests them :) 

Meili Sicard

Pace Pleasantville '22

Meili is a Junior nursing major at Pace University Pleasantville. She is a proud resident of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area (and a proud NE Patriots fan). In her spare time, Meili likes to go to the beach, listen to music on Spotify, drink exorbitant amounts of coffee, and spend all of her money on food. She is a sister of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon on campus and the current Campus Correspondent of HC Pace Pleasantville.