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The Jonas Brothers: Back and Better than Ever

Admittedly, as a kid, I was the one girl who always said she hated the Jonas Brothers, when in reality, I had Year 3000 and That’s Just the Way We Roll on repeat on my old MP3 player. Once high school hit, and it was acceptable to dance to Burning Up in the car because now it was considered ‘nostalgia’, I finally accepted the fact that the Jonas Brothers were truly a talented group of brothers. At that point though, I was a little too late. The Jonas Brothers had been broken up for about a year, and honestly had stopped making good music a few years before that. Nick and Joe had broken off to do extremely different things musically, and Kevin was married with kids. Appreciating the nostalgia was all I had, and once I came to terms with that, the Jonas Brothers finally became a significantly important memory in my childhood, and I was content with that.

            Then the Jonas Brothers decided to throw a wrench in my childhood memory of them. After 5 years, they decided to get back together, and quite honestly I was a little nervous for them. I wasn’t sure if it was possible for the band to be as successful as they used to be, especially in producing new music. They had let their music become iconic throwback music in the years that they had been broken up, and trying to beat the old hits was a daunting challenge.

            As the Jonas Brothers began to release new music, I have to admit I was impressed. I was not expecting to enjoy their music as much as I enjoyed their old music, however, they now possessed a new mature sound that really resonates with their old fans, who have matured with them. For this reason, (along with pure nostalgia), I agreed to go with my friend to see them on their Happiness Begins tour in Albany this past August.

            Wherever that little 6-year-old girl inside me found the idea that the Jonas Brothers were not cool, she was proven completely wrong on August 20th 2019 in Albany, New York. The Jonas Brothers opened up the show with Burning Up, and the energy was at that same extreme fiery height for the entirety of the show. The Jonas Brothers used the entirety of the stadium, especially their B-Stage, and were very interactive with fans on the B-Stage. They took request from fans for their old, lesser known songs, which was a huge gift to those who had been following the Jonas Brothers since 2005. Throughout the night, the outfits got more colorful, confetti and air inflatable dancers filled the stadium, and voices, specifically mine, got louder, and then disappeared. Overall, any fears I had about the Jonas Brothers not being able to outdo their old selves were washed away, and I one hundred percent recommend seeing them in concert, if you can, both your 6-year-old self and 20-year-old self can have an incredible time.

Emma Legacki

Pace Pleasantville '22

Freshman biochemistry major who loves watching Netflix,hanging out with her friends, and discovering new music. Closet nerd, passionate activist, and food lover.
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