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First day of my heel week and I am feeling good. I am confidently walking out of the Grand Central Station doors and onto the streets of Manhattan. I am wondering if this is what Sarah Jessica Parker feels like every day, it’s great. Even though the heels I chose to wear today were only 2.5 inches I am still feeling like a risk taker. I chose to wear such small heels because, as many interns know, I will probably be walking several miles today.

I got to work and went through my morning tasks feeling like a confident young lady who actually knew what she was doing. Fast forward to me walking back to the train station 10 hours later, still confident but with a little less pep in my step. The city streets are not as fabulous past dawn and I just want to get back to my dorm and put on some slippers.

Fast forward another 4 hours and I am just getting done with my sorority’s chapter meeting. I am walking, no limping, back to my dorm room now and regretting my decision to have a ‘heel week’. What kind of masochist does this? And this was a short heel day!



My feet are sore from the day before but I am certainly not a quitter. I opted for another chunky heel however these are 3.5 inches in height. Another day of commuting and interning but my hard-headed self means business.

I walk into the office feeling proud of myself (and also on the lookout for Band-Aids) when I immediately get sent out on a run. I do runs all day until my health app on my phone shows I’ve walked 9.1 miles in total. Okay, now I am really limping and considering Ubering home. However the goal is still alive and I can’t let myself throw away the experiment that is heel week without giving it a good run!

I get back from the train and refuse to walk another inch. I get back to my room and throw off my heels with way more aggression than necessary.



On Wednesday I finally get to sleep in and wake up with a new sense of determination. I will not let SHOES cause me emotional distress! I will wear these heels and feel fabulous while proving that heels can work in casual environments. I put on a pair of my favorite thigh high boots that I never wear because I always get self conscious about my height, these have a 3 in. heel. It’s hard out here for girls 5’8 and above.

I go to class and walk through the hallways with my head held high. I notice I am  receiving a few amused glances but I don’t even care. Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is playing in my head and I wonder why I ever complained about heel week.



Thursday was a bit of a cheat day I admit I was off from interning and didn’t do much but go to the gym (please don’t make me wear heels to the gym). However that evening I went out with friends and wore black heeled sandals. These heels are 3.5 in. and honestly pretty worn in so I wasn’t feeling any significant pain. We went out for approximately 4 hours and I was dancing on my feet the whole time without being bothered by my choice of footwear. I think it should be noted that it is significantly more comfortable to wear super worn in heels.  


I am a new person. Kendall Jenner who? LOL okay but seriously I feel like a trendy woman who casually wears a gown to get her morning coffee in Greenwich Village. This pair of shoes did THAT. I am wearing these shoes to a friend’s party that night and am struggling to balance myself. I walk up the stairs and trip over my feet and embarrassingly pull myself up and pray that no one noticed that.    

Two hours later and I am trapped to my chair, too frightened to get up and embarrass myself again. I can’t help but think to myself if something chaotic were to happen I’d be totally screwed. A fire? An axe murderer? These shoes would literally be the death of me.


In conclusion, while I admit that heels are torture devices…I also have to admit that they made me feel like a super woman ready to take on the world.   I think that everyone should have a ‘heel week’ doing something that makes them nervous and see how they feel stepping out of their comfort zone.


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Cinthia Andrade

Pace Pleasantville