Go-To Secret Santa Gifts This Season

‘Tis the season of giving and with the holiday season comes the crazy sales, Christmas lists and the loved or absolutely dreaded: Secret Santa. Whether it is with your circle of friends, colleagues at work, fellow teammates or extended family, finding a gift can be really simple or feel pretty difficult. Of course we all want to be able to find the perfect gift for our person, it might be hard to find a gift you know they’ll be happy to open. To make things a little easier for those struggling to find some gifts, here are 7 gift suggestions that definitely ought to make you the best Secret Santa! 


Who doesn’t love a new phone case? Phone cases are one of the best go-to gifts for any occasion because it allows you to show your recipient your taste. With so many different colors and designs, it’s almost impossible to find something they wouldn’t like! Find out their favorite color and the model of their phone and you’re all set!

Fuzzy Socks

With snowy days and freezing nights, anyone would appreciate something to keep them warm and cozy. Fuzzy socks, scarves and pajama pants are convenient, affordable and no one can ever have too many in their closet. Stay within the holiday theme with Christmas and Hanukkah patterns or play it safe with solid colors and more modern patterns or get crazy with the most random patterns and designs you can find! Whatever style you choose, your Secret Santa recipient will put them on and be reminded of you! 

Starbucks and Dunkin Gift Cards 

The best part of the holiday season, at least in my opinion, are the limited edition holiday drinks from our favorite cafes and coffee shops! Maybe your specific number one spot is a trip for your recipient, but Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts can be found anywhere. Whether your person is a coffee lover or not, they could indulge in some classic teas, hot chocolates and baked goods or finally give the holiday flavors a try- your treat! 

Perfume and Cologne Sets 

Everyone needs a certain scent to wear on special occasions and during the holiday season, the holiday parties and dinners are endless! Put someone on to one of your favorite scents or something that you think they’d like. A helpful tip: try not to get one that’s too strong. With light scents, it’s easy to apply product. Perfumes and colognes are also always on sale so it’s definitely easier to find a designer brand (if you’re into that) but Bath and Body Works never goes out of style! 

Glasses, Mugs and Cups

Drinks taste better in a cute glass. Wine glasses, coffee mugs and tumbler cups are subtle ways of showing your person your sense of humor or what you think represents them. Quotes, images and designs make it simple to show your specific person how you feel about them and their personal style. Tumbler cups and reusable water bottles are also practical and eco-friendly gifts that everyone needs but may not have known they needed. 

Wallets and Card Holders 

There comes a time when everyone’s wallet starts to get a little worn out from being used so often, which is where you come into play! Wallets and card holders are great gifts that can be used at the recipient’s pleasure. Whether they will start using it right away or wait for some time to pass until they start using it, it’s a nice piece to hold on to for when the time comes. Wallets and card holders also come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles which offers your person options as to when they would want to use it (i.e. a card for s night they are using a smaller purse). 

Amazon Gift Cards

When in doubt, gift cards could be your best friend, but sometimes it can be hard to know which places your person likes to shop at and to tell you the truth, sometimes they could be out of our price point. Amazon gift cards are the perfect go-to gift card since you can find almost anything you or your person may be looking for. Rather than risking getting something from the wrong brand or with the wrong style, your person could select from a wide variety of options and get exactly what they want. Whether it’s a more practical product for themselves or used to purchase something for someone else, the gesture always goes appreciated. 


It’s not always about the luxurious gifts and who can give the best gifts during the holiday season. Thought and consideration can definitely go a long way when deciding what to gift to someone and more often times than not, those gifts are more genuinely appreciated. Make sure to say thank you this season and remember it’s not a competition! Happy shopping!