Fall Trends of 2020

Clothes, accessories, and shoes can simply display who we truly are, allowing us to embody our most authentic selves. The fashion industry is constantly changing, and new trends are always coming our way. As we are putting away our bathing suits and summery dresses it’s time to spice up our outfits, just as we are spicing up our coffee :) This is your guide to the top fall trends of 2020:

  1. 1. Faux Fur

    Emma Chamberlain loves her faux fur jackets, but it doesn’t have to stop there. With so many patterns and styles to choose from you can elevate your look and add dimension too!

  2. 2. Preppy

    This year is all about the prep school look, channel your inner Blair or Serena with blazers, skirts or collared shirts. 

  3. 3. Plaid

    This is the perfect statement piece to truly add to any outfit, whether it be a skirt or a shirt or even a dress, plaid brings out your grunge side. 

  4. 4. Monochromatic

    You would think that wearing all of one color could get boring, but when it comes to hues, shades, and patterns the possibilities are endless.

  5. 5. Leather

    Pants, skirts, dresses, this season is all about the edgier look. 

  6. 6. Chunky Gold Jewlery

    These big hoops, rings and necklaces can truly can bring so much to any outfit, put your hair up, and let these run the show.

  7. 7. Claw Clips

    Messy buns used to be all the wave, yet now, the messy, chic look involves these clips making it as fancy or casual as you want.

  8. 8. Animal Prints

    As long as it’s faux we are fans ! Cheetah and Snakeskin have been popular and do not show any sign of dying out anytime soon !

  9. 9. Beanie's

    Beanie's are not only cute and keep you warm, but even better when you are giving to a cause. Love Your Melon gives 50% of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations fighting against pediatric cancer. I know I'll be wearing mine all season and donating to these amazing cause.

  10. 10. Doc Martens

    All booties and boots are in this year, but Doc's can truly be worn to add to any outfit.

  11. 11. Flannels

    Don't be fooled not just farmers where these!!

  12. 12. Cordoroy

    From pants to jackets, this texture adds so much to any outfit. 

Time to go shopping !!!!!!!