Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a Long Distance Relationship: Is it Possible?

One of my biggest fears entering my first semester of college was keeping my, at that time, year and a half relationship stable and happy through long distance. Now, entering the second semester, my relationship has survived the first semester of college, and after celebrating two years together, we have both headed back to school. Valentine’s Day was never a holiday that either of us found particularly significant, especially since both of our birthdays and our anniversary was in the month of January. Both Valentine’s Days that we have celebrated have been very low-key, with us just hanging out, cooking, and getting each other something small if anything. However, now that we are trying to make long distance work, the holiday seems to be much more significant, just because it is so much harder to spend time together. Here are some solutions that could make the strain of being away from each other on Valentine’s Day a little bit easier:

1. Mail a Letter

While it is hard to time a letter to get to your partner exactly on Valentine’s day, it is one of the best feelings in the world to just get a letter, so you know it would make their day. Just letting them know you are thinking of them by surprising them with a little heartfelt letter is super sweet and easy.

2. Send a care package

Nothing says I love you more than a UPS box stuffed to the brim with your partner’s favorite snacks. Maybe even throw in a cute little love note to personalize the gift even more!

3.Facetime Date

While this may seem sort of lame, I’ve found that just being able to talk to someone face to face, even if it is through facetime or skype, is so much better than any other form of communication. Planning a facetime date, where you call each other and watch a movie or TV show together, is something that my boyfriend and I have found to work really well. Doing this on Valentine’s day and maybe including dinner in those plans would be a great way to feel as if you’re spending the day with your significant other.

4. Surprise them with a visit!

While this might be hard to coordinate as a surprise if you don’t know their roommates, friends or schedule, just planning a visit to see each other means the world to your significant other. This year, Valentine’s Day is the day before President’s Day weekend, which makes it significantly easier to plan that trip, as it is a four-day weekend. Alternating who visits the other each Valentine’s Day will also allow for each Valentine’s day to be a little bit different.

5. Make them a Spotify Playlist

This idea is probably my favorite idea on this list. I made the playlist below mostly for me to listen to when I missed my boyfriend. However, when I showed him he absolutely loved the idea, and now he listens to it more often than I ever expected him to. Making your significant other a playlist for Valentine’s day is an easy “21st century” way to feel connected to your partner when you’re not together.

Even though Valentine’s Day is a holiday that you want to spend with your loved ones, these options can help you feel like they’re right by your side throughout the day. After planning out all these options, especially if you won’t be able to see your partner, make sure you spend the actual day of Valentine’s day with your closest friends, spreading the love isn’t just something you should do with your partner, but with everyone who loves and supports you.