8 Signs You Grew Up In An Italian Household

Growing up in an Italian household is both a blessing and a curse. Having those crazy Italian parents who you may think are so strict can be annoying but you know that they act the way that they do because they really just care so much about you. Italians typically take great pride in their beautiful culture because why wouldn’t you? 

1. You don’t have a grandma but rather a Nonna           

Being Italian comes with its beauty. For example, being Italian comes with a nonna. My nonna is my world. I am so blessed to have someone like her in my life. She would go to the end of the world for anyone in her family and she is constantly worrying about others before she worries about herself. That is your typical Italian lady. Whenever your mom says no, just call your nonna. She will for sure say yes! She was your daycare when you were younger and she was constantly feeding you pastina. Her time of feeding you never ends though. No matter how old you get, she is also always going to make sure you leave the house with that full belly. She will not be afraid to tell you to “Mangia, Mangia.” My nonna cooks the best food you could ever eat. Being away at college really makes you appreciate those delicious home cooked meals from your nonna because let me tell you, the dining hall food is nothing like it! Anything you eat you will find something wrong with because it is not your nonna's cooking!

2. There is no limit to the amount of questions your mother will ask you

How about every time you go out you know you have to be prepared to be asked 500 questions by your mom? “Where are you going?” “Who are you going out with?” “Where do you think you going dressed like that?” “What time do you think you are coming home tonight?” While you make think all these questions are irritating which I agree they are, she only asks because she cares and never wants anything bad to happen to you. You will learn that over the years your mom is your best friend who would go to the end of the world for you. If anyone tries messing with you just warn them you have one crazy, Italian mother who will come after them if anyone ever bother you.

3. On Sunday, you must attend family dinner 

Sunday Dinners are what make you Italian. It is basically like a national holiday. Everyone sits down in the family with no cell phones allowed at the table, and you eat a 4-course meal. First comes the pasta with nonna’s fresh cooked sauce and meatballs that she spent all day preparing. Then comes the salad. Then after the salad comes the meat your family is barbequing. After your done with dinner it is not over yet. You have to eat some fruit. Then you drink your espresso and have some of nonna’s homemade tiramisu. Then you sit around the couch and enjoy your family time. Sunday dinners are my favorite part about every week. I love sitting around the table with my family laughing and just enjoying everyone’s company.

4. You love to tan in the sun

You also know your Italian when you can sit in the sun for 10 minutes and immediately turn 10 shades darker. Italians have the best skin that tans so easily because let’s be real now who doesn’t love a tan, Italian girl? 

5. It’s not Christmas Eve but Fishmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a big holiday for any Italian. You cannot have Christmas Eve without the seven fishes. La festa dei sette pesci! Shrimp, Lobster, Clams, Calamari, Octopus, fish baked on parchment paper, and baccala are just 7 of the fishes my family cooks. Christmas Eve also comes with the desserts. Pandoro with powdered sugar, Torrone which is a chewy block of nougat with almonds in it, Cartellate, Panettone, and anginetti cookies are just come of my favorite desserts I have had on Christmas Eve.

6. You’re friends are intimidated by how loud your home is

Whenever your friends come over, they are just going to have to get used to the loudness of your household. Your friends may think your family all hate each other because it sounds like everyone is always yelling at one another, meanwhile it is just everyone’s day to day tone. Italian’s have loud voices. We cannot help it. They are also not afraid to voice their opinions, so watch out. You think we are loud when we are not angry, well then you for sure do not want to see any Italian angry. It is NOT pretty! 

7. You have never eaten at Olive Garden and you never will

Going to Olive Garden is a disgrace to any Italian. Tell your nonna your taking her to lunch at Olive Garden and watch what happens. Olive Garden is not anything compared to traditional Italian food and it never will be. Sorry to anyone who likes Olive Garden, but go to Italy, eat REAL Italian food, and then let me know which one is better! 

8. la famiglia è tutto

Lastly, you know you are Italian when you family comes first. One thing every Italian is big on is family. The typical Italian family has an enormous amount of people in it. You will have a limitless number of cousins, and a numerous number of aunts and uncles. You also will have some cousins with the same name, or aunts and uncles with the same name as well. You know you have a cousin Isabella, cousin Maria, and a cousin Domenic. Or how about a Zio Joe? Being Italian you will learn that you cousins and siblings are your best friends. You grew up with them and you will always be with each other no matter what. You will also learn that you have 3rd and 4th cousins who you might not even met or heard of before. When at family gathering it just takes 30 minutes to say hello and good bye to everyone. It is a big deal. You cannot leave without saying bye or come in without saying hello. An Italian family is huge and you cannot replace family. Your family is everything and nothing can ever come between you guys. You should always have each other’s backs and let go of the things that do not matter!