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6 Ways to Be Chic & Cozy at the Same Time for Fall

This fall season, there are so many ways to look super cute, but also look super cozy. I 100% feel the pain of having to dress up, but not wanting to try. With that being said, here are 6 ways to look like you tried to look decent when in reality, you threw together the outfit in just under 10 minutes. 

1. Oversized Flannels

Oversized flannels are always a move. There are so many different ways to wear flannels. Personally, I prefer men’s flannels because they are bigger, and more comfortable to wear. You can pair a flannel with jeans, and vans or Steve Madden sneaker slides. You can also wear a flannel with leggings, and any kind of boots. Flannels come in so many different colors, that it will be hard for you not to find one that you love. 

2. Faux Fur Jackets/Pullovers

Faux Fur jackets and pullovers will not only keep you so cozy and warm, but they are also the cutest fall time clothing item that will get everyone asking you were you got your jacket/pullover from. I have a cropped faux fur top from Forever 21 that I am completely obsessed with and wear 24/7! These faux fur items are so in and will make you look like the ultimate fashionista.                            

3. Oversized Cardigan

When trying to look cozy and cute, any over-sized cardigan will do just the trick. You can wear a cardigan with absolutely anything, leggings, jeans, dresses, skirts, whatever you want and it will make your outfit look super trendy and cute.

4. Infinity Scarves

Any outfit you want to wear can be paired with an infinity scarf. Not only keep you warm, but to also can dress up the outfit a little more. You can get these scarfs from pretty much anywhere, and you can also wear them with whatever you want! 

5. Booties/Over the Knee Boots

Booties and over the knee boots are shoes that everyone loves during the fall time. They are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. Booties are super cute to wear with jeans and a cute top, and same with the over the knee boots. These shoes are both so comfy and cute for the fall.

6. Oversized Sweaters

For the fall everything and anything oversized is key. It is all SO in! Oversized sweaters have to be one of my personal favorites because you can dress it up or down and still look cute. I purchase my favorite oversized sweaters from Forever 21, but you can find them anywhere! 

Maria DiZenzo

Pace Pleasantville '22

My name is Maria DiZenzo. I am from Connecticut and I currently attend Pace University. I am a Freshman and I am majoring in Psychology. My favorite food is sushi and I can not live without Hulu & Netflix.
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