The 5 Kinds of People on Tinder

Tinder is a very interesting app. You'll swipe on many different people but you'll always somehow run into the same people. I don't mean you'll actually see the exact same person from before, but you'll see someone else who'll make you go "Not this kind of person again". We all have our instant swipe lefts when it comes on to Tinder. Here are the five kinds of people who you've probably seen more than once if you've ever used the app. 

The Unoriginal Bio

“I’m here for a good time not a long time”

“assistant to the regional manager” 

“ searching for my future ex-wife/ex-husband” 

" I hate tinder"

It’s not like I didn’t see the same bios 4 left swipes ago. Be original! Be you! Cause the moment someone realizes that you’re not as “original” as your bio. It’s over. I'm not saying you have to think of the most clever and original bio. Just try not to be that one profile that makes someone audibly go " Oh my god, not this one again" 

The No Bio

We know it's hard to think of a clever bio nowadays (see ‘the unoriginal bio’) but no bio is a no brainer. Automatic left swipe. Sorry! You can't just leave a blank canvas and expect us to pull the trigger and swipe on someone who doesn’t show any type of personality in their bio. I'm not saying if you don't have a bio you have no personality but what else is someone to do when you don't let them get a glimpse of what they're getting into? 

The Multiple Group Pics

These are probably the most frustrating people on Tinder. There’s always that one person who posts SEVERAL group pics and you have to play the game where you swipe through every pic to find the one face that pops up each time. But here’s the kicker, sometimes, you see the same two faces in each group pic so you gotta play Russian roulette and decided if you want to risk swiping right. Those who don't have time to play where's Waldo usually tend to swipe left. 

The One Pic

ADD ANOTHER PICTURE! Tinder gave us an option to post more than one picture for a reason. I know some of us believe we’re not photogenic but having one picture basically means “I’m either a catfish or a bot”. This isn’t to shame anyone. All I’m saying is one pic profiles tend to get swiped left on the most.

The person who thinks the office is a personality trait 

Listen, the office is a good show, but I’m gonna say it... It's NOT A PERSONALITY TRAIT! I’m pretty sure most people are getting tired of seeing the same The Office quotes every time they open up tinder. It’s okay to like the show and be a fan, don’t get me wrong. But do you really want to be known as the person who’s entire tinder is one big The Office promo even after it's dead? (R.I.P)