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16 Affordable and Safe Things To Do in NYC

Finding cheap and adventurous experiences is sometimes difficult when tackling a day trip to the big apple. Now with the pandemic, it is even more challenging. Here are some fun, cheap, and Covid-19 safe attractions and restaurants to check out on a day trip to NYC.


The High Line | FREE

This attraction is an old New York Central Railroad line that was turned into a walking path for spectators to see beautiful views of the West Side. It is currently open from Gansevoort Street to 30th Street with limited hours to ensure social distancing, btw masks are required.


Sour Patch Kid Store | FREE

Located in Soho, the new store is similar to the iconic M&M and Hershey’s world. It is truly a must see, and taste!


Museum of Sex | $18

This fun and yet informative museum is a little on the expensive side, but is well worth it! There is a mask and social distancing policy for this Chelsea attraction. 


Museum of Ice Cream | $38

This museum is open from Thursday to Sunday and masks are required. This gem in Soho is the perfect place for an Instagram photo-op while living out your childhood dreams. 


Top of the Rock | $38

This experience is amazing for once in a life time views of NYC. Located right next to NBC Studios, this observation deck is a bit pricey but the skyline views at the 70th floor are breathtaking.


Central Park | FREE

I mean, who doesn’t know Central Park. You may not know the endless possibilities of corona friendly things you can do. You can visit the Conservatory Gardens to stop and smell the roses, ride the 100 year old carousel, and have a picnic on the great lawn. 


Brooklyn Bridge | FREE

Take a walk across the bridge to see some amazing views of the East River and the surrounding skylines. It is a perfect activity for when weather is on your side.


The Vessel | FREE

Take a trip to Hudson Yards and see this beautiful building. You can also take a walk up the building for incredible views and interactive art.


Union Square Green Market | FREE

Open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays, this farmers market located in Manhattan is the perfect place to look at all the local produce and greenery.


Buffalo Exchange | $

This lower priced thrift store is perfect if you want to find high end NYC fashion on a budget. There are three locations in Manhattan.


Artichoke Basille’s Pizza| | $

This place is known for their large, delicious slices for a reasonable price. If you visit, you have the try the signature artichoke slice.


The Lekka Burger | $$

Sometimes vegan cuisine in NYC can be pricey but, this affordable eatery serves vegan burgers with amazing flavor.


Taqueria St. Marls Place | $

Tasty, authentic, and cheap Mexican food is all you will find in this gem.


Lil Zeus Food Truck | $

This food truck serves in the most amazing Greek food with large portions for the small price you pay.


Taiyaki NYC | $$

The Japanese fish shaped desserts and treats they create are great for a photo but even greater to eat!


Industry Kitchen | $$$

Along the East River, this place is a higher end restaurant that is on the pricier side. But, in terms of the water front view and the quality of food, it is some of the cheapest you will find in NYC. 

Gina Gelchie

Pace Pleasantville '22

Gina is a junior forensic accounting major attending Pace University Pleasantville. She is from Long Island, New York. In her free time she enjoys playing piano, going on road-trips, and eating Chipotle.
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