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Spencer Szabo ’14

This week's Campus Cutie is Spencer Szabo '14!

Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Usually Seen: In the Braun computer lab

Campus Activities: KASA, but being an RA is pretty much my life

Single/Taken/It's Complicated: Currently alone

How do you feel about getting nominated as Campus Cutie? It makes me feel special for the week. Proud that I was cute, and I didn't even know it!

If you could plan your ideal date what would it be like? It would be in New York City. We would go out to a fancy dinner and take a walk through central park and do a boat ride in the pond there. It would end with a stargazing picnic/ midnight snack.

What is something few people know about you? I'm a twin and I'm half Puerto Rican.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure: Toss up between Vampire Diaries and KPop

What was your most embarrassing middle school moment? Instead of going to the 8th grade dance I sat in the office and let people in the door.

Current favorite jam: Same Old Bullshit by Ravaughn Brown

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Probably telepathy.

What was your favorite freshman year memory? One of my favorite memories was going to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my friends and went on my first roller coaster.

What are your thoughts on your Facebook stalker page? At first I thought it was really creepy, but I've come to enjoy it. I find the stealthy pictures endearing.

What is the weirdest thing you experienced so far as an R.A.? Toss up between corndog on the wall and gummy worm in the ceiling.

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