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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxy chapter.

I’m not one to be “hip” to the newest trends, but what I do know is when something gets popular that is equal parts comfortable and cute, I jump on that as fast as I possibly can. This time around it’s overalls.

Overalls are not only the coolest looking things that I have ever seen they’re also the most convenient pieces of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe. They have a plethora of pockets and all you have to do is throw on a simple tank top and slap on some casual shoes and you have a hot new look that you can wear out and about, to class, or wherever.

They’re also versatile. I’m talking overall pants, shorts, AND skirts, the options are endless (or they end at those three but whatever). I’m in love with the new trends of dressing in the clothes of our childhood, it started with jelly shoes and now it’s overalls. What’s more? Ponytails? Hair knockers? Printed leggings? Bring it on, I would go all the way back to baby-hood with a full on onesie if it somehow became socially acceptable.

Anyways, hop on this new trend, you can buy as many overalls if you want from places like Forever 21 or you could scrounge around a Goodwill or two for a more “authentic” throwback look. Either way overalls are a must have nowadays and I’m not complaining.