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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxy chapter.

Name: Olivia Smith

Major: Math and (cross my fingers) Cognitive Science

Minor: Computer Science

Hometown: Seattle, WA

How are you involved on campus?

Chief Operating Officer for Kappa Alpha Theta – Eta Mu

On the Eboard for Beauty Beyond Color (*PLUG* If you’re a woman and on Oxy’s campus at 5 pm on a Friday, any Friday, you should seriously come to one of our meetings, Berkus Hall 242)

On the Eboard for Open Source (Computer Science Club) (*ANOTHER PLUG* come to this too! https://www.facebook.com/groups/738010219566098/)

Student facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

Student worker in the Dean of Students Office

Wow. So why did you choose to come to Oxy?

Lots of things: the weather, being in a city, but probably the most important was the student body. It seems like everyone here is well-rounded and passionate about making Oxy a better place, which is awesome.

I have to ask, what draws you to leadership positions?

There aren’t many other places where leadership positions are as accessible as they are at Oxy. I figured this out pretty quick, and realized that I had to take advantage of it. The leadership positions I’ve had have taught me about how I work with others, introduced me a ton of different ideas/activities, let me collaborate with other smart individuals, and overall given me experiences and connections that I know will help me out later in life.

What are your career aspirations?

They’re constantly changing. Right now, I want to work at a tech start-up, or some other small but growing company, and eventually go back to school to get an MBA and see where that takes me. But who knows, I could end up doing something totally different a be happy with it. Only time will tell…

Recently you’ve been working with Theta to make Greek Life more inclusive. Can you tell us more?

I’m trying to have leadership positions that’ll let me show others how much Oxy has to offer. I’m currently very passionate about trying to diversify Theta, with the hope that other Greek organizations will follow. I’ve grown so much from being a member of Theta, and it makes me extremely sad to think that some people don’t feel comfortable reaching for the opportunities that we have to offer because they don’t think they fit in. Most people probably think Greek Life is all about partying, when what Theta really stands for is scholarship, community service, leadership and personal growth. While Greek Life is exclusive by nature, it really doesn’t sit well with me that it “just so happens” to be an exclusive group of predominately white people. Although they could do better, I know Oxy puts a lot of effort into bringing diverse groups of students to campus, but they don’t do a good job of creating a safe space where everyone is open and supportive of each others differences. We, as in many people in our chapter, are hoping to develop Theta to be that safe space for ALL women who stand for scholarship, community service, leadership and personal growth.

Who inspires you?

My family. My mom is the one of the hardest working people I know and still manages to be so supportive of everyone around her. My dad is an artist and is all-around super cool and passionate about what he does. (*ONE MORE PLUG* check out his latest project: “Ballard Bigfoot” https://www.facebook.com/ballardbigfoot) And my little sister does whatever she’s feeling and rocks it! Oh and my dog is really cute and funny.

Any advice for first years?

Be open to meeting new people and trying new things. You never know when/where you’re going to meet someone or do something that’ll change you’re life, bring you new opportunities, or just make your day. So get out there and have a new experience!

Name one bucket list goal.

Sneak into Taylor Pool after hours…


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