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How to Cut a T-Shirt

With Glow coming up next weekend, here is a great way to cut a plain white T-shirt for you to wear and glow the night away.

Materials Needed:
White T-shirt
Straight Edge
Washable pen/marker or pencil 

1) First cut out the neck of the T-shirt. Make sure not to cut out the entire back, just around the neckline so it fits comfortably.

2) Fold the shirt evenly in half at the back. Use where the tag is on the shirt as a guideline.
3) Use a straight edge to make a diagonal line from the top of the shirt to the middle (or almost to the end if you want the shirt to be backless). I used a Sharpie for the pictures, but it is best to use something washable so it won’t be seen in the finished product.
4) Cut even, horizontal strips from the crease of the fold to the line you just drew. The strips should be even in width and gradually decrease in length as you go down the triangle.

5) Unfold the shirt and stretch out the strips you just cut. Make sure to pull end to end so the strips become tube-like.

6) Weave the strips by taking the second strip under and over the first one. Then take the third one under and over the second string (which was just woven through the the first string). Use this method all the way down through the second to last string.

7) Cut the last string in half and tie it to the bottom of your weave to hold it in place.

8) Flip the shirt over and cut the hem off of the bottom.
9) Cut the bottom into even vertical strips through the front and back of the shirt.

10) Pull them into tubes just like in step 5.

From here you can decorate however you want to! I usually cut the sides of the shirt just like I did the back (horizontal strips) but don’t weave them. You can tie pony beads to the strings at the bottom of the shirt, or use fabric paint/markers to add some designs. The shirt on the left was from last year’s Shipwrecked dance from the Consent is Sexy campaign. The shirt on the right was decorated at splatter by the paint that was thrown. Happy crafting!


Photo Source: Kristin Feinberg

Are you going to cut up a shirt for the GLOW party? Are you going to try this method?

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