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HC Procrastination Break: Koharu Sugawara

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxy chapter.

If you aren’t already addicted to watching dance videos on YouTube, you should be. Specifically videos of Koharu Sugawara, a ridiculously fantastic hip hop dancer from Japan. To make your viewing experience even better, I’ve included as captions my own personal thoughts while watching said videos. Enjoy. 

I’m dying. I’m literally dying. These videos could make me painfully aware at how uncoordinated I am but I don’t even care because she’s so good and I love it. 

Oh my god. Yes. Yes. How does someone do this? That control. I can’t even walk with this much control. 

First of all, surprising song. I like it. Second of all, tiny children??! Adorable. Fantastic. 

Look at their energy. Their dynamic. Also, Boyz II Men. There’s not enough Boyz II Men in the world.

I hope this video has been just the beginning of your indoctrination into the beautiful world of dance videos on YouTube. Happy Procrastinating!