Griffin Wynne

Name: Griffin Wynn

Age: 20

Hometown: Swampscott, Mass

Relationship Status: Painfully, painfully single

Major: Religious Studies

How you got involved/plans for KOXY:

I planned shows all through high school because cute boys were in bands and I wanted to be in proximity to cute boys. And here, there was a band playing the first night of orientation and I talked to them to see how I could get involved here and they told me about KOXY, and KOXY was hiring the next day… so I stalked them and midway through first semester last year they hired me… I’m programing director right now. My plans are to make a community out of the KOXY DJ’s… If there’s a strong programming, we can promote our DJ’s as much as we can promote our events.

What food are you?

Something I eat a lot or like a lot… all I eat is ice cream and beef jerky… probably… like tubs of rainbow sherbet, because I’m kind of a bitch, so some people do not jive, and some people don’t jive with sherbet…. Sherbet is really cheep and messy, and here we are! Sherbet has some enemies and sherbet has some friends.

What do you look for in a partner?

Definitely open mindedness… kindness, and humor. If they’re in a band or write or something that’s hot. My types are plain preppy dudes who are just douchey, or liberal arts boys who ask for pronouns and know all about queer theory… or old. I like old guys.

Favorite movie:

Citizen Kane is a phenomenal piece of cinema… if we’re being dicks about it. I love Empire Records and I love American Summer… Oh Wrist Cutters: A Love Story! It’s based on a book… it’s life changing. And The Punk Singer.

Would you be friends with yourself:

No. I would hate myself. I mean I love me. And I’m happy with me. And it’s taken a while, but I’m happy with me. My best friends are nothing like me… sometimes. I think I would be friends with myself now… I wouldn’t used to. I really look for people who are comfortable with themselves… I feel like I’ve come into my own a little bit more. I’ve grown into a friend I would like to have. I wouldn’t wanna date me though. I’d be too clingy!

One thing you would change about this campus:

Something I personally struggle with is that we’re so apt to call this a liberal thinking space that we think that’s enough… people feel like they can get away with just feeling bad about something and not doing anything about it… So when someone does say something bad they just say, “oh you know what I mean” and think that’s enough. Even more so that non-liberal places. People aren’t always as open about things (as they think they are).

If you had a one-way ticket anywhere, where would you go?

Oh there’s so much… My brother is in Florence… he just called me Griffin for the first time, which is a HUGE deal, so I would love to be with him right now. Or I would love to be a flapper… but I’m sure that would be really shitty for women… So the 20s, or Woodstock, or Bikini Kills… I would want to be in the makings of the Riot Grrrl.

Leave us with a parting message!

I just read Sappho’s poetry… she reminds me of an ancient Roman Laura Marling. So read Sappho and listen to Laura Marling.