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DIY Your Dorm: Magazine Heart Strings

The best part about living in the dorms is being able to decorate your room.  But it can be difficult and expensive! That is why DIY is so great.  Plus since you do it yourself you can customize it however you like.  Here is an easy way to spice up your living space without spending a ton of money: Magazine Heart Strings.

How To:

  1. Cut out hearts (or any other shape) from fun and colorful magazine pages.  I used an Urban Outfitters catalog.  
  2. Using a needle and thread, string your hearts together. 
  3. Tape to your ceiling a few inches from the wall so they are able to spin around.
  4. Admire your lovely new wall decor!

This cost no money -the magazine was free and the sewing kit was from a hotel- and was so easy to do while watching Netflix! 

Photo Source: Jessica Robson

How do you decorate your dorm? Will you try something like this?

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