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Denim and Scarves: Style Staples for Spring!

What’s up with the weather that we’ve been having in LA? Looking out my window and seeing the sunshine makes my day but my mood is instantly changed once I step out into the deceiving cold.  And if you’re like me and are already buying some new clothes for the spring, it can be a little disheartening to realize that the weather won’t be particularly accommodating.

Have no fear! As I’ve mentioned before, your favorite maxi dress can be one of the best layering pieces. However, I failed to go into detail about two other useful items: a denim shirt and scarf. Right now, my friend Taryn is wearing a cute teal scarf with a black and white striped cardigan. I’ve heard from my friends at school on the east coast that Californians do abuse the real purpose of the scarf (essential for warmth vs. an accessory for most of the year). Sorry, we can’t help it if we have great weather! Scarves, like most of our clothing, come in an abundance of colors, patterns and material and can serve to soothe your sore throat pains or your craving to spruce up an outfit.

Here are a few examples of great scarves:

Now on to the denim button-ups! I feel like it acts as a muted, yet pulled-together background for your other clothes to pop off from. The scarves above would look great with one and a pair of corduroy skinnies and white Converse sneakers; or you can pair it with your maxi dress or over a sundress with tights and a pair of your boots for a more cold weather appropriate outfit. What I’m trying to emphasize is the versatility in its use and ability to be infused into other outfits. With the busy schedule that many collegiettes have, it’s nice to have a dependable item of clothing that will make you look great in the midst of stress.

Denim button-ups, here we go:

To top it all off, don’t resort to your favorite braid. I get it, it’s so easy to pull your hair into the classic style, but give others a chance. For example, twist your fringe and keep it in place with a bobby pin (these can be life-saving!!) or place your hair in a low bun that you can let go later and reveal some killer nonchalant waves.  Also, learn to appreciate those claw-clips that you can use to pull back your beautiful hair into a half-up half-down hairstyle. These styles saved me some time whenever I was craving to curl my hair; hopefully they will save you some time too!

What are your spring staples?

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