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A Deep Examination of Taylor Swift’s Latest Music Video

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxy chapter.

I do not like publically announcing that I enjoy Taylor Swift’s music. It’s a source of embarrassment for me to admit that I am, actually, like other girls (and I have facebook statuses from 2009 to prove it). However, today I will go against my own personal code of ethics to provide a detailed examination of T-Swift’s latest music video, Blank Space. Let us begin. 

Okay, let’s just spitball here: why is Taylor holding a cat? Is it being paid? It looks confused, nay, lost. Not necessarily angry, per se, but not delighted either. I won’t pretend to be an authority on feline body language but this looks like a cry for help. 

Symmetry, eh? Well played, Taylor. 

Does this horse look sad? What does s/he know that we don’t? I hope these horses are getting paid. 

Can I ask who suggested this as a fun and flirty activity? Have you ever actually sat and posed for a portrait because it’s exhausting and also boring. How are they supposed to naturally transition from riding cute bikes around in a library to painting this already framed canvas? It’s also occuring to me how much I think this dude looks like the guy from 50 Shades of Grey. 

More pets, I see. These ones look more amused than the cat. Also I read somewhere that Joey Fatone got married at this same mansion so think about that next time you enjoy this video.

This is the scene where Taylor is “drunk on jealousy” which makes me feel for her because she is fab. Did Mr. Grey cheat on her? Another thing I think about when I watch this part is that they’re both mouthing the lyrics during their argument. Which confuses me because are they singing to eachother as they’re fighting? The laughy-singy bits are an especially odd choice for musical accompaniment. 

IS THAT A PAPER PEOPLE CHAIN CUT OUT FROM A SHIRT? Blank Space has brought music video detail to a whole new level.