Daniel Park '16

Name: Daniel Park

Year: 2016

Hometown: Norwalk, CA

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Computer Science

Relationship Status: Happily In a Relationship

Describe your ideal first date. coffee and bookstore...books

Do you have any hidden talents? Tuvan Throat Singing

Pick a word to describe yourself. Dorky

What's the most embarassing date you've every been on? We watched a movie. I tried to pay for the parking ticket but couldn't figure out how to pay with my credit card. Spent 15 minutes holding up the other cars behind me. Ended up just swiping my card next to the credit card picture on the machine.

What's your favorite movie? A Beautiful Mind

What's your favorite place in the world and why? Orange county beaches. Was raised there and feel very relaxed there. Also, a great place to find nice hiking views and watch the sunset.

Anything else you'd like Her Campus readers to know? Success comes from knowing you did your best to become the best you know you are capable of becoming. --John Wooden