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The Cutie Found A Cutie: Theo ’16 and Myell ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxy chapter.

Our most dedicated Her Campus readers will recall my poignant interview from April 2013 with Campus Cutie Theo in which he discussed hotbed issues such as the cat daddy and listening to Demi Lovato. Theo has since sat down with me to give our readers an update on his life. [Editor’s Note: When I asked Theo what direction he wanted to take our interview, he answered “one direction” and smugly laughed]

So Theo, catch our readers up on your life since we last spoke.

T: Well I’m now 20. I’m a year older. I’m not pre-med anymore. I’m a spanish CTSJ major. And I have a boo.

Say more.

T: His name’s Myell, he’s also a cutie who is on campus. We’ve been together for 7 months. Also he’s here right now so you can ask him questions, too.

Ooh. First date story?

T: It was March 18th, the monday after we were back from Spring break. I surprised Myell with a picnic at the Greek Bowl.

Adorable. Best memory?

M: My best memory with Theo was when we had our first kiss on Fiji at 5 in the morning after a greek life mixer. We just walked around the neighbourhood, ran away from coyotes roaming the streets, and just talked. It was one of those Princess Diaries “foot popping” moments. But I couldnt because I was sitting on a bench freezing my ass off hoping he would make out with me.

T: My best memory would be going back to Seattle with eachother and spending time with Myell’s family.

That’s so cute. I’m dying. Favorite thing about your SO? M: My favorite thing about Theo is that he always will put you first even if that means he doesn’t get to do something he wants. He really just naturally cares about people, and I think that is a rare trait in people.

Why does your SO deserve to be campus cutie? T: Because we’re cute, because we’re on campus.

M: Theo deserves to be campus cutie because look at him! He is so cute! And his smile/laugh combo game is on point.