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Crafty Collegiette: Floral Monogram

Even though it isn’t springtime doesn’t mean you can’t have some florals in your room to cheer you up!  A flowery initial will keep your room stylish and is easy to make.

What you need: fake flowers, cardboard letter(s), floral foam, scissors, hot glue gun (optional)

  1. Cut one face of the cardboard letter out
  2. Fill with floral foam, making sure to fill as much space as possible, and glue for reinforcement
  3. Cut fake flower stems and insert into foam, and can glue for reinforcement
  4. Display in your room!

Some other variations and inspiration:

You can even skip the floral foam and glue straight to a thick piece of paper!

More letters, more fun!

You could spell out a word instead of your initials.

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