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A Complete Guide to Tacky Holiday Apparel from Etsy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxy chapter.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Sarah, it’s only mid-November! Why should I be worrying about my holiday outfits now. I have final exams and projects and papers to worry about blah blah blah.” This is a crucial time in the fall season. You need to start looking for tacky holiday sweaters, scarves, socks, etc, now because you’re most likely going to have to order it online or craft it yourself. Plus, if you want to share you’re magical ensemble with all your friends and family via holiday card, you need to have your card in the mail by the first week of December. No one wants to be that sad loser whose Christmas card shows up the week after Christmas when everyone has already taken down their decorations and Christmas trees are slowly rotting by the side of the road. I understand this is a stressful time of year for most people, so I have taken time out of my busy schedule to compile a list of holiday gear you might need this season. I am such a good person.


1. Vintage Kitten Christmas Sweater

Are you all about that vintage life? Do you love cats a little too much? Congratulations! You’re a hipster! And this sweater is perfect for you!

2. Reindeer Sweater


Perhaps you’re less than thrilled to spend the holidays with your significant other’s family. You would much rather be with your family where you at least know you can pig-out on the shrimp platter with no one judging you. Have no fear! All you have to do is wear this sweater. Your S.O’s family will be so disturbed by the blank stare of those reindeer (are they happy or are they sad?!?) and will be so annoyed by the constant jingling you’ll be doing that they will never invite you back!

3. Melted(?) Gingerbread Cookie Earrings



These earrings have me feeling a little perplexed. What happened to them? Were they gingerbread men that melted? How hot must that oven have been? Or are they the terrible result of a genetic gingerbread-human crossbreeding experiment gone wrong? We may never know…..

4. Baby Santa Necklace


Everyone needs a nice Christmas necklace. Sometimes that’s a simple silver snowflake, or maybe a cute little Christmas tree. And sometimes it’s a disturbingly jolly baby-like Santa Claus. Seriously though, does that Santa not look like a newborn baby with a lush white beard/moustache combination?

5. Rudolph Brooch


No Christmas season is complete without an appearance from one of my mother’s beautiful holiday brooches. Maybe I’ll give this pin to my mother as a Christmas present, tell her I made it myself so she has to love it, and then laugh silently as she wears it the whole holiday season. Isn’t that what the spirit of Christmas is all about? Giving others presents for your own enjoyment? I like to think it is!


I am an aspiring blogger/instagrammer/vine star from sunny Southern California. I have a passion for crafting, crocheting and Disneyland!