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Caroline Bringenberg ’14


Name: Caroline Bringenberg
Year: 2014
Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Urban and Environmental Policy
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Usually Seen: Somewhere in the Green Bean, drinking Kombucha
Campus Activities: Zeta Tau Zeta, Greek Council, Green Bean Management, and I have a pretty sweet KOXY show every Tuesday at 10
What is your ideal date?: Exploring new parts of LA and eating an ice cream cone
Do you have a deal breaker?: I only date feminists
Tell us about your first kiss!: It completely embodied romance–took place next to my locker during lunch hour in the 7th grade
What was your favorite song in middle school?: Gotta be honest, I have to go with “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day
What is your current favorite YouTube video?: The Boy Dance Party SNL short
What is your go to dance move?: It’s been dubbed “The Lazy Caro”–kind of just me making awkward T-Rex arms and bouncing them around. Yikes.
If you could be any reality show character who would you be and why?: Khloe Kardashian, because she’s strong, sassy and does what she wants
Favorite memory from your first year at Oxy: My Zeta bid night!
Is there something you want to accomplish now that you’re in your final semester here?: Get a shout out on Oxy Confessions, obviously
Who would you nominate for campus cutie?: Elya “Shammy Time” Shamskhou
Photo Credit: Facebook
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