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Carmen Tellez ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxy chapter.

This week’s Campus Celeb has more enthusiasm for life than I ever thought was possible to exist in one person. This week’s Celeb, and newly elected ASOC senator, is Carmen Tellez. Carmen is a sophomore Politics majors with a UEP minor from Felton, CA, and is currently living in Norris Hall. Beyond acting as senator for ASOC, Carmen is also a tutor for Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP), and a director for Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE).

Carmen explains that, “WYSE has been the single most important activity I’ve done at school. I love it because it allowed me to meet women at Oxy that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and I’ve learned so much about myself through the program. I just started as a senator this semester, but so far I’ve loved the excitement of allocating funding and getting to see all the cool things that clubs are doing. Also, I’m excited to use my position as a senator to advocate for getting cats in all the dorms.” As a WYSE mentor myself, I understand exactly how Carmen feels about WYSE, and I can definitely say that I admire her for her dedication to, and enthusiasm for everything that she does. Although I am not a cat lover myself, I know that Carmen will bring the same passion that she brings to every other activity into her advocacy for allowing cats in the dorms (she was a cat-lady for Halloween).
Some fun facts about this Celeb are that she loves the smell of air conditioning, her favorite animals are cats, chickens, and raccoons, she once saw Bret Michaels at the airport in Phoenix, and she does not trust maggots. In her spare time loves watching all of the Kardashian shows, hanging with her little sister, and is “deeply invested in getting Justin Bieber to respond to one of [her] tweets.”
When asked what her favorite part about Oxy is Carmen replied, “I love that even when I’m miserable doing schoolwork until 6 in the morning, there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Also, this school is full of the dopest people I’ve ever met. And I’m really into the grilled cheeses from the Cooler.”
If you haven’t met Carmen yet, I would suggest that you make a huge effort to find her on campus!

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