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Aseem Mangaokar ‘15

Name: Aseem Mangaokar

Major: Economics

Age: 22

Where are you from, Aseem? India by way of Singapore. 

Tell us a little bit about how you got into DJing! I used to just DJ house parties at Oxy, then I started making music with one of my friends, and it took off really quickly. And now I do it for a living. When we made our first song it got blogged about by a big blog and because of that, a lot of people heard it and we just decided to keep making more music.

What is your favorite part of DJing?  Getting to hear music that I like on huge speakers.

I know that you travel a lot for your work, where is your favorite place to travel?  New York because I played there the most. New York gets it. I don’t really know how music trends make their way across parts of the world, but for whatever reason New York has it pretty good because they get the stuff from Europe first.

You seem uncomfortable talking about yourself, but you’ve been a campus celebrity twice! I’m not uncomfortable talking about myself, I just don’t like tooting my own horn. I’m aware that what we did we did really well. But at the root of it it’s just me and my friend making music that we like.

What is one thing you want people to know about you? I’m pretty much just a regular dude. I’m kinda weird, like I listen to really weird music. I have an infatuation with wearing all black for most of the time.

Okay, who is your favorite celebrity that you’ve ever met? Skrillex and DJ Snake. They’re both really nice dudes. I was taken aback by how nice they are.

And how about a celebrity that you would want to meet? That’s a hard question. I used to be really into classic rock. Probably one of the guitarists from AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. I don’t know what I would ask them, but I’d try to work with them. To pick up on their vibes. Yeah, vibes is a word I use way too often because it’s a stupid bullshit filler word. It’s a word that people use for their instagram caption when they have nothing else to say.

So are you ready to graduate? Definitely. Definitely ready to graduate.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? If everything goes really well, we would have put out 2 albums by then. Specifically 2. Because I want to have them spaced out. I would say like 2 hours and 2 EPs between each album. 10 years from now I want to be in a place where I can support myself on my music.

Okay, what’s a random thing you do? I say “same” a lot. I say “same” and “tbh”, a lot of internet slang. I talk to people more online, which sounds sad, but I think that says a lot about the music industry and how we’re all just a bunch of internet kids.

If you could be any food from the cooler what would you be? Probably the maple bars that they have in the morning, because that’s the only thing that could make me get to the cooler in the morning.

What are the cool things you want to say to all the ladies out there who want to know a campus celebrity? I really like septum piercing and red lipstick and girls who wear glasses. And girls who like techno and deep house.

Sarah is a senior history major at Oxy - she likes cats, naps, pizza, and wine.
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