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10 Things For 20-Year-Olds

I recently turned 20, and for some reason, this age hit me harder than most. Owning my teenage angst since 13 years old, losing the “teen” after my age felt like a big loss of my youth. Yes, I am aware this is irrational. But what can I say, I am a newly minted 20– there is still a bit of teen angst left. So, here are the things I have already learned as a 20 year old human.

1. 19 and 20 are exactly the same age. You just sound older– own it.
2. Having people say “you’re so old” never stops being annoying. Sorry!
3. 20 is awkward. You aren’t a teen but you can’t legally drink. It is basically the middle school of age but it is only one year!
4. You’ve lived for two whole decades! (Remember when being 10 was “cool”)
5. Super easy to calculate the year you were born in (in case you ever forget, I guess)
6. Food tastes better (This is a lie. I’m sorry. But if you do eat really good food, it will taste awesome)
7. Teen angst will never fade!!
8. 20 makes you sound more serious and mature. Even if it isn’t the case, just roll with it. 
9. Wisdom comes with age! At least, that’s what I have been told. So congrats on being filled with 20 years of wisdom!
10. 20/2+10!!!  (I really tried to write 20 of these but I ran out of ideas. This is the next best thing)
So to all of my twenty-year-olds, almost-twenty-year-olds, and those who wish they could be 20 again; keep doing you. Age is really just a number and 20 is a fun one. 


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