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Why This Election is the Most Dangerous of All Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxford Emory chapter.

Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton. On November 8th, we will be electing a new president and above all, this year is one of the most important elections that our country will ever face. Don’t get me wrong, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are both candidates for president, but let’s be completely honest. A third party candidate will never win a presidental election in the current system. In the future, it could be a possibility, but with the country margininalized around the Democrats and Republicans, third party candidates are at a disadvantage. 

This is my first election. I turned 18 last year, so other than small local elections, I have never had the opportunity to vote in a major election. I’m not about to tell anyone who to vote for. You can vote for Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, but let me tell you this…you need to vote.

Voting is a luxury. Immigrants who aren’t citizens, anyone who has been to jail, residents in territories cannot vote, so for anyone who is old enough and has the right to vote, needs to get out and do that. I fortunately live so close to home that I can go back and do early voting, or even vote on the day of if I want. 

Do you know how many of my friends have told me they’re not voting? A lot. At least 5-6. I love my friends, but sometimes people don’t see the big picture. I get it. You may think Trump is a sexist racist with no filter and you may think Hilary is a liar who will do whatever her husband wants and lies about emails, you need to vote. 

Even if you aren’t voting for me, vote for the man who spent time behind bars, but wants to make a difference for his children’s future. Vote for your ancestors who (unless you’re not a rich, white male  who came from a family with money, land, and education – then you always had the right to vote tbh) fought for the right to vote for years. 

Voting determines the future of our country. Now, my personal beliefs are very clear if you check my Twitter account on debate night. Although I’m not a fan of ANY of the candidates, I know who I think will be the best for me and my future. I’m going to take full advantage of my right to vote this year and this election is important. It’s dangerous if you don’t use the right to vote. 

If you’re not out out there voting, you have no reason to complain when things go sideways because the candidate who was not your favorite won. This election is one of the most dangerous ever not because of who are the candidates, but because people are so disheartened that they don’t want to vote. You have to vote everyone. Whether it is just because you don’t want a certain candidate to win, or because you actually care. Vote. While you still have the option. 

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Jordan Chapman

Oxford Emory

Jordan Chapman is a visual art and international studies major with a French minor at Emory University. As a second year student, she's incredibly busy, but when you add jetsetting and writing a blog (in addition to a Youtube channel), her life is more busy than you may think. When she isn't watching Stranger Things or writing blog posts, she's in class or sending emails, with the dream of being the next big editor or fashion blogger. As a future London expat and wanderlust victim, she visits the land across the pond quite frequently along with many other places in Europe frequently, just hoping that life will take her somewhere fun and exciting.