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What to do About Men Not Listening to Us

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxford Emory chapter.

So often we talk to guys and after we ask them their opinion on something, they will say something like “Wait, what?” or respond with something that is not even related to what we just said or asked them. This is what I propose to solve this little problem we have with men and hopefully correct it in some way—comprehension quizzes, ladies and gentlemen. You’re welcome, ladies, and sorry, gents. We should give men little comprehension quizzes we create, after telling them some stories or really anything we talk to them about to see if truly anything we’re saying is going past their ears and into their brains. I know what you all may be thinking—“But then what guys would even want to talk to me?” Ladies, this is our way to weed out the guys that are not worth our time.

Who wants to be with a guy that doesn’t truly listen, respect her enough, or care enough about what she says or is trying to say, anyways? This is how these comprehension quizzes work. If you’re suspicious that your boyfriend or someone of that sort isn’t listening to what you’re saying, let’s put this suspicion to rest by scribbling a quick quiz up with questions related to what you just talked about and slide it over to the boyfriend or such to see if he is truly listening to what you are saying. You can make it multiple choice, ladies, or just short answer—whichever one you like. Talk to him and if you feel like he’s not listening to you, get a napkin or something and scribble down questions related to what you were saying and talking to him about, then slide that napkin on over and put his respectful, caring listening skills to the test.

Sample Questions:

What am I worried about?

Who was Jack and Jessie?

What major am I thinking of going into?

Do I have any tests coming up and what are they in?

When was my last menstrual cycle?

What am I thinking right now?

What perfume do I wear?

What’s my favorite food?

Who am I?

What is the meaning of life?

What happened in the last episode of the Kardashians?

What’s my favorite song out right now?

What do I want to do next weekend with you?

Where do I want to go eat tonight? …. God, even I don’t know…so please, yes! Make up my mind for me by answering this question!

Granted some of these questions are obviously joking, but you get the point, so pick up a pencil or pen, and men, open up those ears and listen up.


Student at Emory University, Student Instructor for Poli Sci, Founding Staff Writer for Emory Political Review, Staff Writer for HerCampus