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Top (or Bottom) Ten Pick-Up Lines from Tinder

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxford Emory chapter.

My best friend and I joined Tinder to see how we would be approached and what we would encounter. Let me tell you, I don’t see how some of these boys were expecting a response or thought I was serious when, and if, I did reply.

  1.  “Your body”

Couldn’t get a full sentence or emojis out of this guy. I didn’t bother responding, and I hope no one else would.

  1. “I’ll buy you dinner this weekend if you give me head”

At least he would’ve taken me out to dinner, but still a no go. I didn’t respond, but this was after his first message saying “I’ll make you a deal”

  1. “I’m like the recliner, you can lay on me”

This was in a group chat with my friend, neither of us bothered to reply.

  1. “Hey I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me”

I can see the effort and can tell he was trying to be cute, but also sexual. I’ve gotten it from multiple people and honestly, vitamins are with letters of the alphabet. Of course, I didn’t reply.

  1. “Pop tart or toaster strudel?”

We all know what this means, I’m not going to explain why it’s wrong and disgusting. Unmatched him.

  1. “Come get fucked up with me right now”

It was a nice offer, but getting a message like this one at 4am is never a good sign. I replied with “no thanks” and never got a response.

  1. “If you sit on my face I’ll eat my way to your heart”

Again, disgusting and way too sexual. Plus, he’s missing a comma! I sent him a gif of someone rolling their eyes and he apologized. But I didn’t reply after that.

  1. “If your ass was grass, I’d mow it”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. At least he didn’t miss the comma, but he did send a second message asking for my snapchat. That would’ve lead to unwanted pics, therefore I ignored him.

  1. “sex?”

At least he is straightforward about what he wants, but I wasn’t interested. I didn’t bother responding.

  1. “I’d hit that”

Of course, it’s why he swiped right, I didn’t need him to fully say it. Ignored.

 But all in all, there were some cute messages that did get responses! It’s not all bad, and these bad pick-up lines do make for fun stories to share with your friends, or in an article!

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