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Taking Advantage of Atlanta’s Early Summer Weather

Though our unseasonably warm weather is rather disquieting to those concerned with climate change, the heat is something we can take advantage of our rare moments of freedom from midterms. Here are a few things to enjoy under the Atlanta sun:

1.Farmer’s Markets

There are a lot of Farmer’s Markets in the Atlanta area, and there’s nothing better than getting fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms. I recommend a Sunday morning market across the street from a bakery called Alon’s that sells the best pastries you’ll ever eat.

2. Festivals

Festivals are what I look forward to every Spring, and there are so many once Spring kicks in. The Inman Park and Dogwood Festivals are just around the corner!

3. Music

There are so many concerts coming to Atlanta soon, and with the weather comes outdoor venues for concerts and music festivals. The Shaky Knees music festival is the perfect post-graduation event for sophomores.

4. Ponce City Market

Not just a place to get hipster food and shop anymore, there’s an old-fashioned fair/arcade on the roof level now. Parties at night and a perfect place to take profile pictures during the day.

5. The Great Outdoors

From the trails in the city of Oxford to Stone Mountain, there are so many places to enjoy the early onset of Summer. Get out your picnic blankets and hammocks and study outside.

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Sydney Sumrall

Oxford Emory

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