Surviving Finals with the Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Finals are here across the country, but are you ready? I for sure am not, but with the help of Her Campus and some of our partners, I've gotten ahold of the holiday survival kit that is going to keep me alive all week! I've got a run down of my finals routine + some people who can help your finals and holiday season go smoother!

Keeping calm and motivated is hard during exams, but with the help of Yogi Tea, my stress levels have been way lower than usual. I use this tea all the time during the semester, but there's nothing better when studying than a nice cup of hot tea. 

At least once or twice during finals season, I like to go get dressed up, not to go out necessarily to go out, but to feel put together. Most people I know do this as well, have you? With the help of Leaders Cosmetics, Rimmel London, and Pure Silk Shaving Cream, we threw a little party for our writers all about having a pamper day! The gel masks from Leaders Cosmetics really helped to rejuvenate tired skin, while we got our eyelashes to pop with the new Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara & Kajal Crayon. Gone was the No-Shave November hair on the legs and underarms with the Pure Silk Shaving Cream, so I was so excited just to have a day to myself to pamper myself!

Lastly, it's always nice to take a BREAK! Not necessarily a break for hours, but a quick break just to clear the mind. I love to read and when I got ahold of Constance Wu's book, I was so excited! I'be been dying to get my hands on it and it's the perfect read for a break in my studying!

Now that you've heard my routine, I do hope that you check out all of these tips!! X