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Reading for Fun in College Can be Done!

Getting caught up in the bustle of Oxford College students are busy reading stacks of textbooks and supplementary readings for classes. Some may forget about reading for fun, other book lovers may be daydreaming about the reading that they would like to do while doing the reading that they have to do. Are you a collegiate bibliophile? Is reading for fun an important part of living a happy balanced life for you? Want to read something new or revisit a book you have previously fallen in love with?

If so, here is some advice on how to get the reading you would like to do in without taking time away from the reading you have to do no matter what your reading pace. Although in high school you may have had time to read The Hobbit or The Life of Pi in one sitting, you most likely don’t have the time to do so in college, especially if you are attending Oxford College. The best way to get around to finishing a book in college is to compartmentalize reading. Put a book you would like to read and drop it into your backpack or the oversized pocket on the front of your hoodie. That way, whenever you have a spare few minutes like between classes, after homework, or between conversations with friends you can simply pull out your book and get a few pages in. Sometimes it may seem that taking time to read for fun is an impediment to one’s academics, as that reading time could potentially be taking away from study time, but if reading balances your mood and gives positive energy to your life, consider scheduling a time once a week to read for fun. That way, you can study for other classes beforehand and get to recharge your happiness and mental health for the rest of the week. College is hard. The amounts of assigned readings are high.But if reading for fun is a part of who you are don’t stop. Just find a new way to approach reading for fun. Be the best you can be in college by making sure to have a little fun along the way!

Darya Farrokhi

Oxford Emory

Darya is currently a sophomore at Oxford College of Emory University. In her spare time, she likes to run, mountain bike, paint, and read books. Her current intended major is Biology. She has a passion for exploring the outdoors and hopes to share that with others.
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