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Products We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

Life is stressful, there is no doubt about that. With all of the worrying over midterms, getting that GPA up, maintaining a social life, and getting some sleep, there are some key goodies that have made our lives so much easier! These products are available online and at most drugstores, making it easy for any college student to access them!

1. Alba BotanicaⓇ Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen SPF 45

As someone who likes to stay organic (with food and any other products), Alba Botanica is one of my favorite brands! Their products are botanically-based, meaning that they are 100% vegetarian. Their Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens out there because it smells amazing (even my boyfriend wears it), it moisturizes your skin, is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, and is biodegradable, so you get to protect yourself and the planet!

Link to buy: http://www.albabotanica.com/en/products/hawaiian-sunscreen-green-tea-lotion-spf-45-4oz/

2. Almay Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow

I have brown eyes, but often wear green contacts, and as any makeup fan knows, each eye color is brought out by a different eyeshadow shade. This eyeshadow comes in fifteen different shades, all of which have made my eyes pop, no matter whether I had brown or green eyes!

Link to buy: https://www.ulta.com/shadow-squad?productId=xlsImpprod17401059

3. Bed Head by TIGI Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

We all have days spent wishing we could add some volume to our hair, and if you’re anything like me, teasing your hair for volume is a big no-no. Thankfully, with this thickening spray, all I do is brush my hair, spray it on, and I’m ready to walk out the door with a voluminous hairdo!

Get $5 off any qualifying $20 TIGI purchase on Ulta.com with coupon code TIGIFIVE

Link to buy: https://www.ulta.com/bed-head-superstar-queen-a-day?productId=xlsImpprod4750019&sku=2101610&_requestid=5209514

4. Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray

I never knew how useful this spray could be until I cut my hair and suddenly had frizzy, fluffy hair 24/7! Ever since I’ve been using this anti-frizz spray, my hair is back to its smooth, shiny, normal self! I cannot say enough about what a lifesaver this spray is; if you have any hair on your head, this spray is for you, because you are bound to have frizzy hair, and you will wish you had a bottle of this laying around.

Link to buy: http://www.tigi.com/bedhead/us/product/get-twisteda-anti-frizz-finishing-spray/

5. Buxom Cosmetic Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick

With the Kylie Jenner trend going around, who doesn’t want bigger, plump lips? I never thought I would say that I do, but I do. I love this lipstick, it goes on smoothly, keeps my lips moisturized, stays on throughout the day, and comes in twenty beautiful shades!

Link to buy: https://www.buxomcosmetics.com/new-arrivals/va-va-plump-shiny-liquid-lipstick-US860.html?dwvar_US860_SkinShade=Wine%20Me

6. Krazy Glue All-Purpose Singles 4ct.-0.5g

At this point in the semester, all of our lives are falling apart. Although this glue won’t put you back together, it will fix anything that you (or someone else) breaks! The singles are perfect, because they come in a little plastic box that you can put in your purse and always have with you on the go! 

Link to buy: https://www.amazon.com/Elmers-Products-KG582-4-Single-0-017-Ounce/dp/B0008GQ0GY/ref=pd_sim_229_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0008GQ0GY&pd_rd_r=7SS7561XQ5MC32KQRA1A&pd_rd_w=q993J&pd_rd_wg=oVjtk&psc=1&refRID=7SS7561XQ5MC32KQRA1A

7. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes

I love being tanning, but I hate having to sit outside for hours or having to use a spray to tan, because I tend to get it everywhere. These towelettes are perfect for anybody who wants the tan but is as lazy as I am! They come in small packages, so you can take them with you anywhere, and just one is enough to tan your entire body! It only takes a few minutes for it to be applied and to try, and the tan lasts for days! To test it out, I put on one coat, waited 24h, and tried to scrub it off in the shower by shaving and using a body scrub, and it stayed on!

Link to buy: https://www.walmart.com/ip/L-Oreal-Paris-Sublime-Bronze-Self-Tanning-Towelettes-for-Body/10534572




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