One Hundred

I think of love as a long staircase with exactly one hundred steps.

It takes climbing up each of those steps and reaching the hundredth step to truly be in


I keep trying to walk back down.

But, it seems like every time I try to take a step backward I end up five steps closer to the


So what am I supposed to do?

I am at ninety-seven.

And then it’s a long, scary drop on the other side.

Monday, I tried to slowly take a step back.

But, then you called just to ask me about my day.


I can see it now, only two more steps.

Stay calm, I tell myself.

Wednesday, I overheard you talking about me to your friend, speaking highly of me.


Maybe if I ignore it it’ll go away, I’ll go on a drive.

I get in the car, turn on the radio.

I love this song.

You showed me this song.

One hundred.