My Experience with Study Groups

Learning how to group study has been one of the most important skills I have learned since coming to Oxford. It is advantageous to digest class material from other people’s perspectives. That way I can be more prepared for quizzes and exams.

As an incoming freshman last year, I was pleasantly surprised to find out about student instructors and teachers’ assistants that lead group study sessions to prepare students for assessments on class material. The beginning of college marked my transition from studying by myself to supplementing my studying with group study sessions. Eventually, the SI and TA sessions lead to me joining and forming other unofficial study groups.

If you are in college, especially if you go to Oxford, take advantage of the resources your school gives you. Being a part of numerous study groups has helped me better understand class material, prepare for exams, and get to know people I may not have had the chance to hang out with if I had not started studying with them. Attending SI and TA sessions may also help you to become an SI or a TA in the future if you are interested.

Over my time thus far studying at Oxford, I have found that I learn best by studying class material on my own before group study sessions and then using study groups to find out what I do not know. That way I can learn what I need to know to be prepared for class. Explaining concepts to my study groups also helps me have a firmer grip on class materials. This study method works for me. It may or may not work for you. Try it and see what you think!