Microcosms in Popular Television

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is a microcosm of every individual. Her type represents the introverted and extraverted personalities that every person has inside. Although most people can determine whether they are an introvert or an extravert, I think that there is an amount of both characteristics in everyone. For example, I behave differently in the classroom compared to when I talk to my friends or family outside of school. In the classroom and for academic work in general, I am quieter because I want to show respect to my authorities and peers. However, when I associate with my close friends or family, I speak out more. Hannah Montana represents her introverted personality when she is acting as herself, Miley. She shows her extraverted personality when she is on stage as Hannah Montana.

Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh is a microcosm of the typical American family. Josh is the intellectual student who is often teased for his wits. Drake is the popular, attractive boy who does not receive the best grades. Megan, the little sister, represents the conniving, annoying younger sister who messes with her brothers to achieve a humorous reaction from them. The mom represents the rules and civilization who tries to maintain order by disciplining her children. The dad is the Homer or Gilligan of the show. He is goofy character that always keeps the family together, even though he does not have one definite characteristic.

The Little Rascals

The Little Rascals is a microcosm of children who are anxious to become adults, so they try their very best to form a society amongst themselves that is similar to the adults. Alfalfa is the Gilligan or Simon of the show. He always manages to keep the orderly by helping everyone, even though he does not have any defining qualities. Spanky is the ambitious boy who tries to lead the others to adventure but also has very strong viewpoints. Darla represents the beautiful girl who requires a much higher standard than the boys around her, such as Alfalfa. There are also other characters that help to identify the themes and archetypes of the show. Some of these characters are Porky, Buckwheat, Butch, and Mary Ann. Their names are stereotypical of their personalities. In addition, there are adults in the show who did not go by specific names because they are not as relevant to develop the theme. Because of the types of the children in the show, The Little Rascals is a representation of young children who desire to be grown adults.