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Middle school was a rough time for anyone. In between big exams, dumb drama, graduation, the middle school dance and, (little to no) boy troubles, I was going through a big change. My dad’s job required him to be transferred. Initially, I believed it was merely between departments and the biggest change would be his commute. I could not believe what would happen next. My dad would have to move to London, and that meant I would leave my home, my friends, my school- basically my world was ending. Not only would I be starting high school, I would be starting high school 4000 miles away from everyone I knew in a completely different country.

I was losing my mind. I tried to do everything an 8th grader could do to stop it. I cried, begged, I pleaded. I even bought a fish to root us here, but it all failed. In the end, we had to move, and I am so glad we did. Moving to London has brought me many different experiences that I would not be able to have if I stayed home. I lived near a big city, only a 20 minute train ride away, was able to fly to any European city on a dime and, experience many things I would not be able to before. I moved in the midst of the 2012 Olympics, so I was able to take advantage of the many cultural activities they had in place. I became familiar with the underground and was able to see art work and museum pieces I only read about in class.

My move to London was able to help me transition to college and adult life. I can travel by myself and act more independently because I was able to travel into the city. I have met people from all across the globe and expose me to issues in their homeland that they are not normally covered or even addressed in the news. I was able to form new perspectives on issues and topics because of the different voices and influences enacted on me. My move across the pond was able to help me grow and mature as a person and as I am a second semester

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Dominiki Kurz

Oxford Emory

American from London living in Georgia 
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