Keep Your Head Up

So it’s happened. You’ve gotten a grade you aren’t particularly thrilled with. Knowing students here, it could’ve been any grade from an A- to failing a test.

This happened to me a few weeks ago; I got a test grade that I was pretty unhappy with. It was hard to me to shake the feeling all day. And the worst part was, I felt disappointed in myself. I just kept thinking that I could’ve done better or studied harder. I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t be sad about doing poorly on a test because being sad is perfectly fine, but you also have to put things into perspective. You are at an incredibly hard school with tough classes and high expectations. You are probably involved in at least one activity, but likely many more.

You are also a human being who has good days and bad days, and maybe you took this test on a bad day. Or maybe none of this is true, and you just didn’t do well. Either way, it’s okay that you didn’t get a perfect score on a test. No one expects you to (not even graduate schools). And I know it’s hard to think about this when everyone around you seems to be doing well, but everyone has a few tests they mess up, and everything will be okay. Try to do nice things for yourself when you’re feeling down. Buy yourself dinner from your favorite place or get an extra dessert at Lils. Because you deserve it.

You work hard regardless of what the scores say. Try to focus on the positive things. Got an A on a quiz? Finished a project you are proud of? Keep those victories in mind when you're focusing on what you deem as failures. And finally, give yourself a break. You will learn from your lower test scores and be able to improve them in the future. Although the numbers are important, your GPA doesn’t define you and the amazing things you are capable of.