Get to Know: Sejal Waghray

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Prerna Arora, one half of Oxford's Nishana dance team. It's time you all got to know the other half of the amazing squad, so here's to introducing you all to Sejal Waghray! 

HC: Can you introduce yourself a bit?

SW: Hi! I’m Sejal. I’m originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey and am a huge foodie! I dance a lot but end up regaining all the calories by scarfing down Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas and raw cookie dough. I feel like I’m always trying new things, whether it’s exploring different parts of Atlanta or starting a joint food Instagram account (@theglobalspork!), and I really can’t imagine it any other way.

HC: How did you find yourself coming to Oxford College?

SW: It’s a funny story actually. I was completely set on a different school and right before heading out for nationals with my high school debate team I heard back from Emory. While debating for my school, I was also debating about which college I should attend. After weighing out the pros and cons and talking to a ton of different people, parents, friends, students at both schools, etc., I finally decided on Oxford. OWN Oxford was my first time visiting Georgia, let alone visiting the campus, but I haven’t looked back since!

HC: What’s the best thing about being in charge of Nishana with our past interviewee Prerna?

SW: Nishana combined my love for dance and Bollywood with my culture and became a piece of home that I found on campus. By the middle of first semester freshman year, I knew I wanted to be captain of the team. Between booking all the rooms on campus, choreographing, organizing all our events, and actually holding practice, I definitely underestimated the amount of work being captain is. Without a doubt, I can say the ability to split the workload is the best thing about having a co-captain.

In terms of Prerna specifically, if you know us, you know we are polar opposites. I mean just look at our backpacks, hers is hot pink and mine is blue. She can name a fancy designer off the top of her head and I can’t even put on eyeliner properly. You get the point.  We have the same goal (to have a showcase) but our means of getting to that are totally different. Our differences are actually really helpful though. We have different strengths in choreography and formations so it helps to bounce ideas off each other, especially because we have learned to communicate everything with each other.

I didn’t really know her until we were on Nishana exec board second semester last year but through spending so much time with her over captain things we have really bonded. Honestly speaking, if we weren’t on Nishana together I am not sure if we would be as close, but I am so happy that Nishana forced me to interact with her because there’s nobody else I would be up at 4am within Fleming gym cutting music and choreographing while eating Taco Bell (yes, we really do eat fast food in the gym).

HC: What’s the best thing you suggest to freshmen who want to get involved?

SW: Three things!

1)    Just apply! Don’t expect a “no” because you never know what the other person is looking for.

2)    Oxford is small so networking is key. Everybody is connected in some way so even a smile on the quad can go a long way.

3)    Prepare for your interviews. Almost every position at Oxford comes with an interview and most of the time the sophomores rely on the interview over the application to select freshman. If you don’t get a position, or you just want tips, feel free to ask how to improve your interview or application after decisions are done. It only helps you improve for the next time!

HC: Are you excited for the move to the main campus or do you think you’ll miss Oxford?

SW: I am a big foodie and when Oxford limits you to Waffle House, Taco Bell, and Dominos, it’s not a very enticing variety. So yes, I am ready to move to Atlanta (for the food). In all seriousness though, I think I’ll miss Oxford a lot. Sometimes it might feel too small but the ability to be a president of a club as a sophomore or a TA as a second semester freshman is an experience only Oxford can provide. I’ll miss how easy it is to see your friends. If you don’t take the 2 minute walk to their dorm, you are guaranteed to see them on the quad. It will definitely be weird to have to shuttle instead of walk 5 minutes to class, but I think it’s a change Oxford has prepped me well for and I’m really excited to explore all the opportunities that come with being in Atlanta (and the food of course!).

HC: Your major is pretty interesting! Do you mind explaining what you plan on doing with it?

SW: I am currently studying Human Health and Political Science with a Pre-Med/Pre-Law track. It’s a pretty weird mix with a bunch of science, philosophy, and political science classes. I have always had an interest in international relations and I have always loved science so I guess I am studying a mix of both! In terms of what I plan to do with it, I am not 100% sure. I know I want to work in developing countries at some point and I know I have a passion for helping people with a curiosity for the medical/healthcare law field so how I go about getting there is something only time will tell!

HC: If you could say 1 thing to students looking into coming to Oxford, what would you say?

SW: Do a variety of extracurricular activities. Don’t over exert yourself but also don’t limit yourself. It’s easy to come to school with a pre-professional track in mind and only do clubs relating to what you’re studying. But by doing that you’re interacting with the same people in and out of the classroom so to challenge yourself and to expose yourself to different kinds of people, go beyond the clubs that only relate to your academic path. For me, the people I interact with in Camp Kesem or Pierce Leadership Certificate meetings are totally different than those I TA with or dance with in Nishana, and that exposure to the diverse community that Oxford encourages is something I hope everyone gets to experience.