Get to Know: Andrew Kearse

Meet Oxford Alumni Andrew Kearse!!

HC: Who are you and when did you graduate from Oxford?

AK: I’m Andrew Kearse, I’m an English major but I’m also pre-med (YES IT’S POSSIBLE). I graduated from Ox last year, so in May 2016, and during my time there, I was involved in quite a few things. I was president of the ultimate club, was on the soccer team, and did Oxapella.


HC: What was the transition to main campus like?

AK: The transition was almost overwhelming, but I actually like being at main a lot more than being at Ox, although I did like my time at Oxford. Going to main was just the right amount of an increase in people for me, it was nice to get to meet more students and make new friends, but it was also good to keep old friends from Ox. I like the classes at main more, and I feel like professors here care about your personal grade more than at Ox, which is more rigorous.

HC: What do you miss about Oxford?

AK: I miss the tight community and knowing everyone you see. It’s nice to always have familiar faces around. However, there’s also negatives of such a community; everybody knows everybody, which means that rumors travel fast and people can be quick to judge you for something you never really did.


HC: Do you see a difference between Oxford students and Emory students?

AK: Yes, Oxford students are a lot more quirky.

HC: Any tips for sophomores who will be transferring to main this year?

AK: Just stay relaxed and be yourself! Don’t be afraid to branch out, meet new people, create new friendships, and talk to new professors, but keep in touch with your Oxford friends and don’t lose those friendships either.