Food for Thought on Resume Building

When is the last time you've joined a club or taken a class because you love it? In college, especially if you are on a pre-professional track, it is sometimes easy for students to focus too much on checking off boxes for requirements. But medical schools, business schools, and law schools aren't looking for you to just have checked off the boxes for required courses, service hours, or experience in the field. They are looking for well-rounded individuals that are emotionally intelligent, have hobbies, are truly passionate about what they are doing, and can share their passions with others. Even if you aren't on a pre-professional track it can feel like their are certain boxes that need to be checked off. Truthfully, these requirements are necessary for some tracks, but realize that you don't have to do everything at once.

Although it may seem like a short time, four years are long enough for you to take your time and find the path that is right for you. Finding fulfillment from the courses you undertake in your college experience and your job path in life afterwards is about more than just the paycheck you will receive at your job. Put in your best effort to do things you enjoy because ultimately your life quality will come more from your general sense of fulfillment. 

I'm sure you've been asked this question before, but: Do you have a major yet? If not, don't worry too much, being undecided for the first two to two and a half years of college is alright. This will give you time to take care of general requirements, while simultaneously trying out courses you are interested in. Taking these courses will help you find out what you are passionate about and would like to pursue in the future.

Now go out there! Keep doing the things you love and sharing that with others!