Don't Be Gross


DO Wear Your Shoes


I am always amazed at the number of people I see walk into the bathroom without socks or shoes on. As often as the cleaning crew comes to sanitize, they can’t keep the bathrooms clean enough for people to walk in the bathroom barefoot. Do yourself a favor to avoid nasty foot infections and warts by slipping on some shower shoes even if you’re not showering!



DO Wash Your Hands


On another note, if you’re using the restroom WASH YOUR HANDS. It isn’t just for your own sake, it’s best for the whole community. The Ox Plague is bad enough without it spreading because people don’t take the time to wash germs off their hands.



DO Use Protection


Be smart about your body and your health! The health center has a bowl of condoms and the RA’s leave a bucket or bag full of them out in the halls!



DO Dispose of Waste


If you can recycle it, recycle it in the bins that the school provides in the dorms and outside. If you can’t recycle, throw your trash out! Please don’t keep rotten or moldy food in your mini fridge or in the trash can in your room. It attracts pests, causes gross odors, and you will be shunned by your roommate and hallmates.



DON’T Flush Feminine Hygiene Products


Most restrooms on campus have a sign pleading with you not to flush feminine hygiene products and there’s a reason for it! Flushing these items can clog the toilet so, instead of flushing, wrap them in toilet paper and toss them in those convenient little trash cans in the stalls!




DON’T Forget to Do Your Laundry


Wash your clothes once a week, change your towels after 2-3 uses, and change your sheets! Sleeping in the same sheets for more than two weeks is just gross. When you sleep in sheets your body leaves behind dead skin, sweat, drool, and oils. Dirty sheets can lead to horrible smells, acne, and dust mites! Don't be gross and just wash and/or change them out.



DON’T Break the Rules


Alcohol and Marijuana aren’t allowed for a reason. These rules are meant to keep us all happier, healthier, and safer on campus. It also is rude to be running around the hallways drunk when people are trying to sleep or to stink up the hallways, so respect everyone around you and just follow the rules.



DON’T Be Passive Aggressive


One of the most important things that anyone needs to remember no matter where they are living is that being mean, being cold, or being passive aggressive is a gross behavioral trait. Make Oxford homey again by being approachable, respectful, and honest with everyone around you!