A Creative Piece: Letter to Romeo

A creative piece through the perspective of Tybalt from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 


June 15, 1303



Dear Unworthy Romeo,


Thou has't the nerve to showeth up at mine uncle’s party. Didst thee cometh to mock our celebration? If’t be true wasn’t for mine uncle, I would hath killed thee that right. Thee very much art no more brain than stone just like the rest of thy family members. Thee Montagues art nothing but peasants, and thou has't no right to cometh to our party.  That is wherefore I dare thee to a dual. We wilt see who is better, Capulets or Montagues. I must warn thee, I am a master swordsman. I has't beaten the best the Earth hath to giveth. I am the best in all the land of fair Verona. Tis of course natural since I am a Capulet. Thee, being a Montague, probably don't coequal knoweth how to properly hold a sword. If 't be true thee decline, then we wilt knoweth what we already knoweth. Capulets art better and wilt at each moment beest better than the filthy Montagues. If 't be true thee accept, then I shalt teachest thee a lesson to nev'r cometh to the house of Capulet and plague us with thy worthless visage. Beest addressed to cry to that hag thee calleth a mother. 



From Tybalt

House of Capulet