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Bye Oxford

As a Sophomore preparing to graduate in a week, I cannot wait to move out of here. Do not misunderstand what I mean, because I have LOVED my time at Oxford. I firmly believe that there is no other place to receive such an incredible education, in such a beautiful area, with such quirky traditions and friendly people. I’ll miss the Nature Trails, Covington Square, and the fact that it takes no more than five minutes to walk across campus. I love it here, but I can’t avoid my past on this cute but pint-sized campus. I’m always running into old flames, ex-friends, and the one professor whose class I dropped first semester. There are simply a lot of things that I can’t wait to get away from and to simply start a new life at Emory College. Here’s a list of all the things that I’m looking forward to most once I leave Oxford:

1. Binge-watching Netflix with my family over the summer

Okay, so maybe I binge-watch shows on my own all semester anyways, but I am looking forward to starting a new series with my family this summer.

2. Cooking in my own kitchen

Where do I even begin? I have never realized the treasure that a clean, private, and organized kitchen can be. I also look forward to bidding my meal plan farewell next semester!

3. Having more classes (and professors) to choose from

It has bothered me how empowered some of the professors are on campus simply because they are the ONLY professor who can teach certain classes. This hasn’t been a terrible inconvenience, but I have definitely avoided classes that sounded interesting because of how I felt about the professors who taught them. I’m looking forward to all the options that Emory College offers, especially because I finally know what I want to study now!

4. Turning 21

Okay, so this won’t happen as a result of leaving Oxford but my friends and I will all be turning 21 within the next year and I’m excited to discover bars and clubs with them.

5. Having a full-size bed


6. No more roommates

Yes, I will share an apartment with people, but I have an entire room all to myself. No more worrying about waking my roommate up by turning on the light, studying late, or opening the door!


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