Is Anything Authentic?



Authenticity lies within the people around us. The most important type of authentic is being an authentic person. Being your authentic self is the best way to set out into the world and make genuine friends that share common interests. The question is how should anyone know what being is authentic? And why should anyone strive to be authentic? In school, students are told that being authentic is being genuine and real. This definition, however, is vague and does not provide any insight into what being authentic truly means.

Being an authentic person lies in taking off one’s horse blinders and forming one’s own opinions. Being authentic is when someone has thought about setting strict values for their self that will shape that person’s character and decisions. This allows people to make the choices that are right for them and prevents them from blindly following everyone else into making decisions that someone else has decided for them.

Having authenticity involves taking the path less travelled if that means making a stand for one’s beliefs. It also means listening to one’s gut reactions about whether or not something is right or wrong.

An authentic person has integrity, and can accept their current state and the situations that they are in. An authentic person is also respectful to his or herself as well as others and others’ values.

Authenticity is about taking risks and learning from bad times or one’s mistakes. When one falls and makes mistakes, one should try again and again to get back up and push forward.

Being authentic means being aware of both one’s strengths and weaknesses so that one can be the best one can be in life. Having authenticity means accepting the fact that one will never be “perfect,” but one should always endeavor to follow one’s dreams. Striving for excellence in one’s actions is more important than perfection.

An authentic person looks at the big picture of life while focusing on living in the moment. Someone that is authentic will have hobbies or habitual activities that he or she participates in regularly.

One of the most important aspects of being authentic is being okay with being vulnerable. To be authentic, one has to have self-respect and love.

An authentic person is someone who knows who he or she is and chooses to be that person. Everyone can choose to be who he or she are, although it matters whether or not they are choosing to be authentic.

Being an authentic person matters because people who truly understand themselves have a more driven purpose and principles. This allows them to be better critical thinkers, decision makers, and leaders. Authentic people face the world with a proactive and open mindset. When someone is authentic, he or she is fine with not knowing what the future will bring.

Authenticity lies in one’s actions. When one is not being authentic, other people notice. Most everyone would rather spend his or her time and rely on an authentic person instead of someone who has built up a fake persona. The best way to realize one’s dreams is to be authentic. Are you being true to yourself and authentic? Be yourself and be happy!

Photos from Pexels!